1. Lotus


  2. The Catcher in the Rye.


  3. The sun and the moon. 🌒🌕🌘


  4. Up Down. Left Right.


  5. W.I.P. on John’s #Yggdrasil back piece.


  6. (Source: indrahatton)


  7. Fun flower.


  8. From an old fairy tail.


  9. That was the most amazing musical performance I have ever heard/witnessed!!! Thank you #laurieanderson. And thank you @brookelabrooke for buying my ticket!


  10. Good dude @gregorylahm has open time today to do some tattoos. Call the shop and get something. 614 372 5155


  11. More work on Nate’s back!


  12. New painting. 8x10 pen and watercolor.
    Prints for sale at the shop or via Paypal. $20 in person/$25 shipped. Paypal account: iamandyjohnson@gmail.com

    Thanks for taking the time to look.


  13. #cicada!


  14. Start of Simon’s leg. All medicinal plants.


  15. #holbein