1. Mountain Laurel


  2. September 27th @longstreetcollective


  3. "Bitch Trumps Ass Hat" artwork supplied by Ren, the coolest 59 year old woman I’ve ever met! Thanks Ren!


  4. The world turtle. Always learning.


  5. Pretzels for Tim!
    #brezel logo not by me.


  6. All the luck.


  7. All hail the mighty magic of #sphynx!


  8. Rapping Raven.


  9. Moby Dick as told by Adina and interpreted by me.


  10. A watercolor painted I just finished. Think I’ll call it ‘The geometry of the dual. Part I.’


  11. Healed on @lizdymondd from last year’s #nepatattoofest.


  12. #armband!


  13. A few drawings leftover from #nepatattoofest


  14. Another fun one from #nepatattoofest. Thanks Jimmy!


  15. Nice walk up at #nepatattoofest